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leftovers:decisions decisions.

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Friday, June 6th, 2003
4:06 am - operation sleep to travel

it's rare to see your eyes so sad
you seem to have lost your self

i haven't lost myself. i've lost my security my sense of saftey.

there is only one way to gain it back ,but i think you need to know who is to assist you. heres a hint this is not assistant suicide.

no price too high, for death to come like a calf thirsty for milk. it seems i've lost what i never had.

the decision is yours. you pave the road you choose to go down. whichever way is out. don't hesitate to ask for directions if you choose to travel.

the secrets burn brightly infront of my eyes, delusions of heartache. words spoken but not felt , like thoughts of a lovers touch never before me.

though i think your eyes must decieve you. a barricade made of your slumber and your focus on life.

these shadows dance like deceive me the flicker like a familiar dream , the rose smell sweet to distract you from the odor fear.

criticize me
this cluster of confusion and hope still lie here with me.for no fire can sing this sweet sonnet of mine.

what can be more bitter than sour love, what can hurt more than salted wounds what can make the bull calm, also can love soothe the savage beast?

so when did they decide to make love a fairytale?
your audience is getting smaller as the days go by though you are
gaining something now that will be useful for the rest of your life.

give me all or give me none.
emotionally masochistic tendencies keep me doped up on acrylic hope that melts into nothing when the sun sets.

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
6:28 pm - your welcome:
thank you for the lightning in the sky that lights up the night
you never notice details
imagine if i were to shut your eyes for you
that would then cause you to never have to use your eyes again
a very precise optometrist

i want to find a crawl space big enough for the both of us,and push you out until you cry
i want to drown into an ocean of hate and soak in as much as i can
then i want you
i want you to come with me
come with me to this place where all of our imaginations are turned into reality with a flick of the switch.

current mood: blank

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
3:59 am - relocate.
this time we will see the other side
we will travel this unpaved road once again,and wonder why it wasn't paved in the first place.

no one has ever questioned this before
but as we see more and more of this street, the answer begins to show itself to us.

and then without question,
we fall asleep.

current mood: sore

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Friday, May 23rd, 2003
5:05 am
close your eyes to enlighten yourself again
shut your eyes and focus on darkness
your mind is well aware of what is going on behind closed doors.
walls create a barrio of emotions
feelings melting pouring out and turing into an ocean of forgiveness
love decays quicker than life draws us closer to death
reliable love
decisions decisions.
where are your friends?
thereafter, you start to cry
this sure isn't the first time i will see you cry

and then, my return to the nightlife
i will surrender sooner or later, and then my departure will come.

how fast does time tick when you are asleep?>

the pain is growing quickly.
daydream abou the infininte her
tuesday fourth?
wednesday ninth?
is in the air.
it's the rewritable truth.

current mood: sad

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
12:31 pm - oak.
this imaginary line was drawn in ink.
ink that like many things, doesn't go away easily
i've tried to ignore these lines,
but you just make it too hard to do so.
i'll create a deversion for myself
i'll lie to everyone
i'll tell everyone im happy
just to get you to see
just to get you to see me
just to get you to see me here
just to get you to see me here without you

current mood: groggy

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3:56 am - black revolver
dark enough

take this in and pass it around
breath out
take this trigger and caress it gently.
for this one is the right one for you.

current mood: content

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
1:49 am - .an educated guess.
time travel:a journey through a frozen lie
trade me eyes for just one night
so you can see the way you look at me
paralyzed again
for i have witnessed the eternal enslavement of myself.
your mouth moves as if your words were walking blindfolded

the may moonlight lite the way to a previous past with just enough light to see you
frozen thoughts
deliver this message for me
i've gone as far as i can
it's your turn to speak
i guess i was right all along
your sudden smiles makes me notice even the tiles i stand on

current mood: cheerful

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